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    ~~~ Kianus

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    Countless jobs

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    ~~~ Kianus

    Post  Skurai on Sat Aug 02, 2008 4:17 am

    Darns it. It seems like I'm going to kill myself with three characters. Oh well, at least the world will be more diverse. xD. I stole this from myself from another site.

    Name: Kianus (No known last name)
    Nickname (if applicable): Kian
    Race: Elf
    Nationality/Origins: Midgard
    Class/Occupation: Wizard
    Alliances/Affiliations (if applicable): None currently
    Alignment: Neutral
    Religion(s): Norse
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Pointed ears with green eyes. Kianus has dyed silver hair that reaches the neck. Like the other Liang, he is quite short.
    Clothing: Prefers to wearing a black cloak to cover his appearance, like most of the wizards.
    Height: 169 cm
    Weight: 69 kg
    Build: Not muscular, but not fat either
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dyed Silver
    Weapon(s): Wizard's Battle Staff. Good either for magic or physical attacks.

    Additional Gear: Boots that allow him to travel at a fast pace.

    ---Motivations: Is strongly motivated to learn more about the ancient spells, prompting him to travel around.
    ---Perks and Quirks: Quiet, observant, and wise. The bad side is that he is quick to blame himself when mishaps happen. He likes to read, but has barely enough. Wizard studies are his first priority.

    Biography: Raised under a fellow wizard, Kianus has been learning the magic arts ever since he could walk. Added the fact that he was raised by his mentor, he has never concentrated on anything else besides magic. He has no known family though he could have sworn his mentor once mentioned someone called Fenris as his brother...
    As a wizard, he has severe limitations. He is physically one of the weakest, even amongst the wizards. Still, his magic makes up for it.

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