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    ~~~ Sample Lord Fenrir (Fenris)

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    Countless jobs

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    ~~~ Sample Lord Fenrir (Fenris)

    Post  Skurai on Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:42 am

    Note: Not accurate if you count Norse Myth. Then again, most of the gods created here won't be accurate. hahaha
    BTW, I'm only going to use this character at certain times, like to create new problems or something.
    I like being human Wink

    Just a sample thread to show you guys a...sample

    Name: Fenrir of the Wolves and of Father of the Gods/Goddesses of RPGOnline
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Alliance: (Neutral, Evil, Good) depends on the situation
    Race: (Elf, Giant, Human, God, Dwarf, Orc): God (It's so I can create situations on this forum)

    Personality and Hobbies:
    On rare occasions, he will travel to favorite Midgard to visit. Else, he travels to the other worlds to create miracles or disasters. Mortals do not like him as he is the son of the god of evil. Because of that, he has a quiet nature and does not like to speak often. When disguised as mortal, he is called "wise".

    He also has Loki's horrible temper. When angered, he is known to cause disasters in the mortal world. However, he is also known for his kindness. With that, he has created many miracles in the worlds. However, the laws of the Aesir prevent too great a miracle to ever happen.

    He is the son of Loki and Angerboda. As a child, he in Asgard and traveled frequently to Jotunheim. Not much is known about Fenrir. From the human's legends, he was born on a moonless night where he was taken to Asgard to be granted status as an Aesir. As the gods feared him, they backed away. Eventually, he stopped trying to make friends with the gods and goddesses, preferring to spend time in the other worlds.

    His history differs in the worlds as he disguises himself as a different person.

    Looks: (Describe or picture)
    As a god, Fenrir is quite tall. In his human form, his hair is black and his eyes are silver, but with all the disguises, it is hard to tell. Other wise he looks like any other wolf except bigger and scarier...

    Type of world: (Fantasy/Modern) Both

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