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    READ ME! I am the rules.

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    READ ME! I am the rules.

    Post  Skurai on Fri Aug 01, 2008 6:00 am


    1. Any amount of characters are allowed, but max of three characters is recommended. (Believe me, it's hard enough with one character)
    2. Post more than one sentence while rping.
    3. No metagaming. Basically, no using YOUR knowledge to rp/fight with a character. Your character only has knowledge within the world.
    Ex: I know from reading CHAR A's profile that he has a weakness of fire. Then I proceed to burn him.
    4. No godmoding. No too elite god powers for your characters that will own everybody. are a god/goddess
    5. Do not post as your character before your profile is accepted.
    6. You can only write what your character is writing, with the exception of the gods. Everyone can use NPCS, the characters that are of this world that is not controlled by any user in particular.
    7. Gods can visit the worlds, but disguised as humans. They are not allowed to do anything except act as a human. No godly powers unless they are there for a miracle or disaster.

    Note on RACES: Gods can only reside at Asgard. Gods can visit occasionally to the other worlds. Other races besides human can only stay at 9 worlds connected to Yggdrasil. Humans can reside everywhere. (We wouldn't want giants in the modern world, would we?)

    When a god character is created, characters may chose to worship that character or not.

    When your application gets accepted, I'll drop your username to a group that fits with your race.

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