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    Promotion, Sage of Time

    Countless jobs
    Countless jobs

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    Promotion, Sage of Time

    Post  Skurai on Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:09 am

    Name: Promotion, Son of None

    Age: 24, according to Midgard birth records

    Gender: Male

    Alliance: (Neutral, Evil, Good) Neutral Evil

    Race: (Elf, Giant, Human, God, Dwarf, Orc) Human, later demonic being

    Personality and Hobbies: Promotion is an ambitious human and strives for power as far as his own strength can carry him. He is gifted in the magical arts, dabbles with the physical aspects of fighting, and is acquainted with numerous literature works. His hobbies focus on building his guild. Thus, he is not familiar with relationships and friendships. He lives in isolation and does not participate in many group activities.

    History: Promotion studied magic under the tutelage of Kianus Tribus. After graduating from the magical academy, he went on to join Creed. However, unhappy with the peace of Prontera and the limitations placed on his abilities, he left the guild in pursuit of creating a newer and better guild.

    Looks: (Describe or picture) "His hair was white as the tundra. His eyes were a light lilac. He was covered in a scholar's outfit. The fox scarf was snugly wrapped around his neck. The star earrings on his ears twinkled glowed softly under the evening night. He was smiling, the dimples on his cheeks showing. His eyes, however, looked like a fox about to seize its rabbit prey."

    Type of world: (Fantasy/Modern) Fantasy

    The girl spread her arms in an attempt to protect her master.

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    he calmly deals with Hai's bad temper

    She sighed. "Do me a favor and don't die until we get back to base."

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